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Maria Perez

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Maria Perez


Pianist, Teacher, Nature enthusiast, Meditator, and Peace worker

Hello and thank you for visiting my information page.

People often ask about my whereabouts, the latest hiking adventures, upcoming concerts or meditation retreats that I attend. When people inquire about what I do, I usually respond with “I am a classical pianist and piano instructor”. From a young age, that has been my internal definition.


But in reality, who I am is a reflection of so much more. 


My passion for nature and backpacking inspires the pianist within me. It offers many insights that help me connect with the beauty of the moment. Through my studies of yogic sciences, I know that playing music is a way to express the joy of creativity of the human spirit. We are indeed fortunate to have this human mind/body/spirit and be able to experience existence.


I invite you to browse through all my favorite hiking pictures, as well as clips from various piano performances. Provided as well, are links to meditation and yoga practices that I have found particularly helpful.

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